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What is Private Health Management

Posted by Carey Grainger on Oct 6, 2016 9:22:51 AM


The American health care system is not well-liked. Many would even go as far as to say that it is broken. Unfortunately, no matter how unpopular our modern health care system is, many of us are forced to work with it. However, high-net-worth, affluent individuals have found another way to control their health care: private health management.

Private health management is a premium health care service for high net-worth individuals who don't want to rely on today’s broken health care system.  This new form of medical care provides private, immediate access to top of the line physicians, leading medical technology, and the latest trends and research. No matter where in the world a client might be, a team of dedicated physicians can be reached through telemedicine services. Depending on the circumstance, your physician can even make a direct visit to you for immediate care.

Private health management is not to be confused with concierge medicine. Like concierge medicine, private health offers face-time and house-calls with a doctor or specialist; but in addition, private health management clients are also afforded a team of professionals devoted to giving you the most personalized and comprehensive care beyond that of simple medical checkups and cell phone access. As I have often said, it is like private wealth management or family office services – where a dedicated team coordinates the delivery of best of breed solutions across an entire industry for the benefit of our clients’ health and medical needs. The private health management model provides one point of contact to any medical or health need or concern and ultimately provides a simpler, clean engagement than wasting energy, time, and money on trying to coordinate separate doctors’ appointments and information by yourself.

Moreover, when patients choose private health management, they are paying for a comprehensive level of service and personal care that goes beyond just getting treated when they notice symptoms. Instead, clients are receiving proactive care as well – such as DNA integrated health analysis, functional medicine evaluations, holistic and natural health regimens, nutritional care programs or exotic travel preparation, your private health team is ready to provide for your well-being. With one point of contact, your team can immediately access your history, wellness plans, and health needs no matter your location or time of day.

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